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If you find yourself in the role of being a caregiver, you are not alone. Over 50 million people in America help provide care for a family member or friend. Sometimes the person you care for lives in your home.   Sometimes you may care for someone who lives far from you.

The ADRCNM is here to support caregivers through your journey. Whether it’s your first call for information, a specific need for a support group or information to assist you in your caregiving role – we want to help.

  • You can call us at 866-642-4582 to talk to an Information and Assistance Specialist or to set-up an office or in-home appointment to talk about your unique situation.  We will direct you to resources that will help support you and the person you care for.


  • Check out our “Search for Services” page.  There are a number of resources in our community that will help support you and the person you care for.  Click on any of the “caregiver” tabs or words like respite care, adult day services, assistive technology.


  • Find local resources on the websites of our “ADRCNM Partner Organizations”. These websites provide specific information on what each agency provides which may include services to support caregivers.


  • Browse through some of national “Caregiver Websites”.    There are many valuable on-line resources you can take advantage of.